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The 12th Echizen City Summer Festival Fireworks Display -The most popular fireworks display in Fukui - Fireworks (Hanabi) Festival in Fukui 2017, Part 6 (Final Episode)-



*This video is a digest version of the 12th Echizen City Summer Festival Fireworks Display which was held on August 15th, 2017. Please enjoy.


In Fukui Prefecture, there are many popular fireworks displays including Echizen City Summer Festival Fireworks Display. The three other most famous ones beside the Echizen one are Tsuruga fireworks and Mikuni fireworks displays which are held on the sea, and Phoenix fireworks display which is held by a river in the center of Fukui City.


Out of all the fireworks displays in Fukui, I personally thought that Tsuruga fireworks display is the most popular one in Fukui because they shoot 13,000 fireworks on the sea and they also have Toro nagashi (sending off the spirits of the dead on lanterns floated on the waters of the sea). However, according to Fireworks display 2017 (*only available in Japanese), Echizen City Summer Festival Fireworks Display is the most popular one in Fukui.

Source: The photograph of Echizen City Summer Festival Fireworks Display from the website of “Fireworks display 2017”.


*only available in Japanese


I was surprised at the fact that Echizen City Summer Festival Fireworks Display is the most popular one, not Tsuruga one. When I went view the Echizen fireworks I realized some reasons why the Echizen one is so popular.


Firstly, the location of the fireworks display is great. The location to view it is extended over a large area. Therefore, the festival-goers can enjoy viewing the fireworks not only at the venue but also at several places such as the riverside, bridges, streets and mountains around the venue.


Even if festival-goers don’t view it at the venue, the fireworks look beautiful.


Secondly, since festival-goers can view the fireworks from anywhere in this spacious venue, overcrowding isn't a problem.

And as a result, it does not get crowded as much as it does at venues of Tsuruga, Mikuni and/or Phoenix fireworks displays. Therefore, festival goers can enjoy it comfortably as well.

Of course, at the venue and the area right around it gets extremely crowded though.


Thirdly, the loop street is close to the Takefu train station, so it’s very convenient for the festival goers to take trains as well. Also, next to the train station, there is a supermarket so they can buy some snacks and drinks as well.


Lastly, one of the friends of mine from Echizen City said that Echizen City Summer Festival Fireworks Display is held in the area where is surrounded by mountains so the sounds of the fireworks echoes in Echizen City. Therefore, the sound of the Echizen fireworks is one of the highlights.


When I went viewing the Echizen fireworks, friends of mine found a great space for all of us. It was on the famous loop street called Nishiki Machi overhead crossing near the train station in the middle of Echizen City. We sat comfortably, enjoy our snacks that we bought at the supermarket near the Takefu train station and viewed the fireworks without any problem. Where we sat was very close to the venue (riverside) so the fireworks looked large and powerful.


Please enjoy viewing the Echizen City Summer Festival Fireworks Display if you have a chance.

Official Website of Echizen City Summer Festival

*only available in Japanese