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As we introduced in our blog in May that Asuwa river is listed among “Japan’s Top 100 Cherry Blossom Spots”. The area is filled with visitors during the cherry blossom season every year. In spring, you can enjoy seeing the cherry blossom trees and you can enjoy seeing a lot of beautiful hydrangeas in rainy season which is from the mid May to the beginning of July.

Hydrangea by asuwa river in Fukui City.  The purple of the flowers stood out in the color of the sky and trees.

The other day, I was walking on the side walk of the Asuwa river and I saw many beautiful hydrangeas. Most of the colors of the flowers were purple. The purple of the flowers stood out in the color of the sky and trees which kept my eye for a while.


Hydrangea lets us know that rainy season in Japan has arrived and it also makes the atmosphere in our city. If you have a chance to visit Asuwa river in Fukui City in Japan, how about enjoy taking a walk on the sidewalks of the river?


In Fukui City, there is another spot for hydrangeas which is in
Mt. Asuwa and it's called "Ajisai (hydrangea) Road". I’m sure that you will get to relax and enjoy seeing the hydrangeas there as well.


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