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Revived flower of gardenia

My late mother-in-law had been taking good care of the gardenia.
However, it was in my backyard and I tended to forget to water, so it died last year.


But still, I started watering again with a ray of hope that it might have not died completely, and then tiny new leaves have sprouted.
I saw the vitality of plants and it was as if it appealed “And yet I live. Don’t throw me away.”


Moreover, I kept on caring of them and leaves have grown.
And finally it bloomed again lately.
The scent of the flowers are like mixed vanilla and floral scent.
Although I like the gorgeous scent of roses as well, the gardenia’s one is sweeter
so I am fascinated with it automatically.


From now on, I will put fertilizer and take better care of it.
And maybe I should transfer it to a larger pot.
Also, I want to multiply by division and try cuttage. (H.S)