Spreading the charms of Japan to the world from Fukui



My cat came to see rice planting



Finally, we finished rice planting the other day.
In Fukui, that day was a hot day with temperature exceeded 30 degrees for the first time
this year. Even so, it was one with low humidity and breezy in the afternoon, so I was able to do farm work without getting heatstroke.


I have two cats, which are male and female. I keep the female one “Miiko” indoor completely but the male “Gil” goes in and out of the house freely and he is busy hunting sparrows, mice, and lately geckoes.


At the rice planting, Gil was prowling around as always.
Then, he came over to me washing boxes of rice plants.
He seemed scared of a moving rice planting machine though, he was hanging around me
and took a short rest in the shade. Probably he felt secure as his family was nearby.


Perhaps because he was outside all the time that day, he was sleeping deeply when he came
home in the late afternoon :)


Gil is creeping along the shade…


He is keeping an eye out for around pricking up his tail in a nearby field.


Gil is coming this way. I guess he found a good place to hide.


And he has settled there for the moment.


It seems like he liked the grass. Cats are geniuses with finding cool place.


We use leftover rice plants to plant rice in corners which the rice planting machine
could not plant, or give to neighbors, or plant supplementary.


The rice fields where rice planting is completed.
The rice plants will grow on strong in a week.
Recently, it seems direct seeding has increased.
One day direct seeding may become mainstream.