Spreading the charms of Japan to the world from Fukui



Traditional Kyoto town house-style izakaya in Fukui City “Kobu”



I went to the izakaya “Kobu” as it was my friend’s recommendation.
“Kobu” has just opened last year in Katamachi, where is the busiest restaurant area
in Fukui City.


I opened the door, which was only a store curtain hung and I almost missed it though,
there was a narrow and deep hall way that can be seen at town houses in Kyoto.


The closer space is for the counter seats and there is a Japanese-style room at the back.
The interior is modern Japanese-style.
It is sophisticated but not too exclusive and they give family-like service so I felt comfortable.


As they have a lot of sake and wine, I recommend Kobu to enjoy meals with drinks
and have relaxing time with friends. (H.S)


The entrance (from their Facebook page)


Inside decoration


You can choose your favorite sake cup of these to drink sake.


Sake bottle made of tin. I’ve heard that the taste would become mellow.


The modern-looking ceiling


Steamed egg hotchpotch which was served as an appetizer.


Grillded local chicken


Kobu's Facebook page