Spreading the charms of Japan to the world from Fukui



The spring wild flowers found in the vineyard of Hakusan winery

As the snow in the vineyard of Hakusan winery has melted away completely, they have started working for this year. Around the vineyard, there are spring wild grasses growing lively.



Many horsetails which remind people of spring have come out one after another on the bank on the edge of the farm. The mountain in the photograph behind the bank is Kyoga-dake (1,625meters high).



They begin the work by putting wires around the poles and putting the grape branch around those wires. The mountain in the photograph is Arashima-dake (1,523 meters high) which is one of the one hundred famous mountains of Japan.



The pink flowers of Lamium purpureum (deadnettle) and the blue flowers of Veronica persica (birdeye speedwell) stand out between burgundy leaves which look like five-story pagoda.