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Kotori Kawashima / Solo Exhibition


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川島小鳥展 境界線で遊ぶ

I went to see the photo exhibition of Kotori Kawashima, “Play on the Borderline” which is currently being held at Kanazu Forest of Creation in Fukui.


I am intrigued by the photography as media with “direct eyes” in which the people who see the photographs can feel what the photographer saw and felt.


川島小鳥展 境界線で遊ぶ

This coming Saturday, February 26th, Kotori Kawashima will hold a panel discussion and a workshop. I would like to hear the words from a photographer.



Speaking of hearing the words from someone, the first part of a poem of Shuntaro Tanikawa was exhibited in the venue with a photograph and those words stuck with me.