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Winter Scenery in the Center of Fukui City #1


Life in Fukui

It is now at the end of January, it started snowing

and the whole town and its street trees are covered with a thin layer of snow.

It's breathtakingly beautiful.


Fukui Prefecture is known as one of the cities which get so much snow during the winter time.


On January 31st, 1963 (40years ago), the greatest snow depth recorded for 1963 in Fukui was about 213 centimeters. And it was about 196 centimeters in 1981.


Can you imagine how much it usually snows during the winter in Japan? Let’s see the snow fall ranking by prefecture and let’s also find what’s the result for Fukui Prefecture.


According to NAVER matome, “Snow Fall Ranking of Prefectures in Japan

*conducted research with date of Japan Meteorological Agency”.

Average snow fall from every December from February, 2004~2014.


1st.Yamagata 636cm

2nd Niigata 578cm

3rd Akita 532cm

4th Fukushima 475cm

5th Nagano 423cm

6th Gifu 416cm

7th Aomori 409cm

8th Hokkaido 383cm

9th Toyama 333cm

10th Fukui 323cm


As you can see, Fukui Prefecture has been ranked in the 10th.

Compare to the result, it has not snowed much this year in Fukui and other prefectures.


We had so much snow in Fukui exactly 6 years ago today.

I would like to share a video of "suzuki250sb"

I think this is the winter of Fukui!


It has not snowed like this since then.

It’s good that we don’t have much snow so we can drive and/or walk safely

but it seems that something is missing for the winter in Fukui.

I wonder if it snows more by the end of February.