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Cats like high places | The first tower for cats  



I have two cats.
One is a male orange tabby “Gil” and one is a female black and white “Miiko”.
Last year, I finally bought a tower for cats I had been wanting.


After thinking which one to buy, I placed an order and received the goods safely
several days later.
Well, now, are the cats going to play on the tower?
As a result, they showed almost no reaction for many days…


So, I used silver vine as when I put a pet door and forced to put them on it so that they
could get used to it. Still, they did not show that much interest as I expected.
And when I began to regret that I might have wasted money, they have started spending more time on the tower.


Specially, Miiko liked the tower and recently she always takes a nap on the top of the tower!
Now they scratch the hemp roped poles of the tower and chase a mouse toy running up.
So I’m happy to see that the tower is absolutely necessary for them now.


Is there something below?


Gil seems to be relaxed in the house


Miiko is on the top, Gil is in the lower level. It shows their power balance?


Miiko likes looking out of the window from here, because birds come flying


Miiko occupied Gil’s room


The tower for cats I bought was this one.         
I wanted one with a hammock but they didn’t have one for the size I looked for.
Hammocks are nice, aren’t they? It’s just an owner’s one-sided feelings and not cats’ though… (H.S)