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Recommendation of fried skewer restaurant in Fukui City “Kiju”



If you would like to eat fried skewers in Fukui, you should visit Kiju.
Even those who do not like deep-fried food may enjoy the fried skewers at Kiju .


Each skewer is bite-sized, the batter is thin and women will be happy with those things.
The restaurant has a relaxing atmosphere, they have many kinds of drinks and
tables at the back, so groups can visit it as well.


I usually reserve Kiju course (3,980 yen/tax excluded) and always that’s good enough for me. According to the season, they serve ten kinds of fried skewers individually at the right time,
so you are able to eat following one another at a right pace.


Please visit Kiju when you happen to come to Fukui. (H.S)

They serve seafood, meat and vegetable fried skewers using seasonal ingredients
one after another.


Even you’re full, you can enjoy a delicious side dish and rice with soup for the last.