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Happy New Year -2017-


Random thoughts

2017 has just begun!

This time of the year is always the best time for anyone to start something new,

restart something and/or start all over anything.

Do you have anything which you would like to achieve in this year?


For Hatsumode (the new year’s visit to a shrine), I visited Asuwa shrine in Fukui City.

This area is a recommendable strolling course in Fukui City.

As you walk up the stairs of “Atagozaka”,

there is “ Fukui City Atagozaka Tea Ceremony Museumwhere you can enjoy

Japanese traditional green tea “Maccha” and learn about Japanese tea ceremony.


In front of the museum, there is

Fukui City Akemi Tachibana Literature Memorial Museum” where you can enjoy the Tachibana-no-Akemi’s Dokurakugin (reciting poetry for my own pleasure).


And about a minute away from Akemi Tachibana Museum, there is a traditional Japanese restaurant, “Hanase” where you can enjoy the excellent traditional Japanese food that is pleasing to the eye, as well as to the palate.


After walking up a few stairs from the restaurant, there is

Shinpu-kan Atagozaka Martial Arts School”.


And a little further up, there is a small observation deck and the entrance of the shrine.

You can take a break seeing the great view of Fukui City and then enter the shrine.


Asuwa Shrine has over 1,500 years of history.

The shrine’s crest has the sun, the moon and a star together which is rare for a crest.


In the precinct, there are drooping cherry-trees which will bloom gorgeously during spring.


Therefore, I can recommend you to take a walk from Atagozaka to Asuwa shrine.