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“Exhibition from Reims Museum” at Fukui Fine Art Museum


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I went to the museum for the first time in a while to see the “Exhibition from Reims Museum” which I had been looking forward to.


Reims is an old city in the Champagne region of northern France.
Reims Museum in the center of the city was opened in 1913 with articles
donated by billionaires who made their fortunes by Champagne.


The reason why I had been looking forward to the exhibition is because I’ve been to
Reims before. I wanted to visit Champagne maisons and made a little side trip there
from Paris. On the way to Reims, vineyards extending in rolling hills can be seen.
The sunny scenery was not only just beautiful but also it made me realized once again that France was an agricultural country.


The vineyards in Champagne


As for Champagne maisons where I wanted to visit, I went to Moet et Chandon and
PIPER-HEIDSIECK. Both companies have a good tour of the brewing process and you can learn about that.


Reims is a quiet city where a World Heritage site, Notre Dame Cathedral presents
dignified appearance. In Reims, there was a relaxed atmosphere, the food at a restaurant was good and its garcon was nice so they were good memories of the trip.


By the way, the exhibition’s highlight is Tsuguharu Fujita’s paintings.
Reims is a city associated with him. Because in Reims, he was baptized,
became Leonard Foujita and he built a chapel which he had always dreamed in his late life.


70 paintings including Fujita are on display in the “Exhibition from Reims Museum”.
I like landscape paintings called the Barbizon School and my favorite out of this
exhibition is “Woman reading a book in the shade of a tree beside the river” by Camil Corot.


The exhibition is open until December 25th (Sun).
December is a busy time though, as the end of the year approaches, why don’t you feel an elegant atmosphere viewing rare French paintings which you cannot see that often? (H.S)