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Autumn leaves in Japan


Charms of Japan

I visited Kitaguchi Hongu Fuji Sengen-jinja Shrine

in Yoshida-cho, Yamanashi Prefecture for the company trip last month.


There were gorgeous autumn leaves with yellow, red and orange ones.

The air was so clean that I felt refreshed and calm.

Autumn leaves can only be seen in the temperate area of Northern Hemisphere. They cannot be seen anywhere in the world. Some parts of east Asia, Europe, America and Japan, autumn leaves can be seen. It is said that the autumn leaves in Japan are the best ones in the world.


Japanese autumn leaves have variety of colors.

Main color of autumn leaves in Europe and America is yellow, but Japan has red, green and yellow ones which create quite a beautiful contrast.


In Japan there are 26 different kinds of deciduous tree and there are 13 of them in Canada and Europe. Therefore, we can see such a beautiful Autumn leaves.


I would like to share a video of "Discover Nippon", please enjoy!