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Tasting three-star Wakasa beef that French three-star chef raves!



The other day, I subtitled “Taste of three stars! Wakasa beef” of Fukui Prefecture’s PR TV program, which we release on this site GEN also.
Just around that time, I was given that exact three-star Wakasa beef from an acquaintance.


The differences between common Wakasa beef and three-star Wakasa beef are
that the later contains a high amount, more than 55% of olein acid which is a good-tasting ingredient of meat, and it must be under the condition that they are grown in safe and secure raising environment such low-stress raising method.


Olein acid is one of unsaturated fatty acid which is said it is healthy fat that and is the main component of olive oil.
The more olein acid it contains, the more light and mellow the after taste will be even it is Japanese beef with much marbling.


The chef, M.Emmanuel Renaut of a three-star restaurant “Flocons de Sel” in France
expressed “Its texture and color made a very strong impression. The meat fiber is soft
and moist” about the three-star Wakasa beef.


Well, so I also tasted that three-star Wakasa beef.  
Since it was quite a large amount, I made “yakiniku bowl” for the first day and
“shabu-shabu” for the second day. It was really soft, and the balance of melty taste and
fat was very good. Also, I feel happy to be able to eat in relief because the fat is healthy.