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Tips for Disaster Preparedness / Slippers made of newspaper

This morning, as I was about to listen to the radio which I always listen to every morning, same announcements in Korean, Chinese and English were repeated over and over again. I didn’t know what was happening at that point. There was an earthquake occurred in Fukushima Prefecture (northeastern Japan) and the announcements were made for evacuation from the Tsunami that was occurred by the earthquake in Fukushima.

That reminded me about the slippers which is made of newspaper. I brought some old newspaper and tried making ones. I still remember how to make them.


Simply put, this is the order for making the slippers. When earthquakes occur, it is extremely dangerous to walk barefoot on floors with broken glasses. Even when there are no shoes around us, if there are newspapers, we can make these slippers and escape safely. The front parts of the slippers where the most pressure would be put onto has layers of 16 sheets of the newspaper. It’s just the newspaper, but it’s very strong so it makes such a big difference if you have newspaper or not when a disaster occurs.


I learned how to make these slippers during the escaping game called “Experiencing Disaster Preparedness, LIFE LINE” in which the participants played in a team unit at “Mori to Mizuumi no Rakuen” (Paradice of Forest and Lake) whose representative is a Japanese comedian Kuniaki Shimizu near Kawaguchi lake in Yamanashi Prefecture. (T.S)


Mori to Mizuumi no Rakuen (Paradice of Forest and Lake)