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VENUS / JETS -Amazing Japanese Cheering Squads Part-3 -The Finals of All Japan Cheer Dance Championship 2016-


JETS and Grace JETS

On November 19th, 2016,

one of the greatest adult cheering squad in Japan, "VENUS" which has been formed

by alumnae of Fukui Commercial High School "JETS" (high school cheering squad)

will be in Tokyo for the finals of “All Japan Cheer Dance Championship 2016”

conducted by Japan Cheer Dance Association (JCDA).


We visited VENUS’s rehearsals last month.

They placed a handmade poster that said “16more times”

in front of their rehearsing space while they were rehearsing.

The poster seemed to heighten the momentum toward the championship.

They take their time to stretch and warm up well.


It does not matter if the one who is talking is younger or older.


During their practice, everyone can talk about opinions and/or suggestions comfortably.

When a member talks, others pay attention, listen to the person well and response nicely

with smiles.


They also help each other when anyone has any trouble with their moves.

Most importantly, they all have the same goal which is to win the championship.

They made me realized how important teamwork is.


On that day, they smiled and laughed a lot in a few of those gaps-between-practices.

Being cheerleaders must be hard but their smiles and laughs showed me how enjoyable

to be the ones.

Toward the end of the practice, they had a run-through with the music.

From the beginning to the end they concentrate very hard on their every movement,

facial expression breathing and everything in between.

Right after they finished the run-through, they were running out of breath

and sweating so much that they couldn’t even talk.

I realized that to perform perfectly as they always do,

they put so much more energy, concentration, time and effort than I imagined.


We will visit "the Finals of All Japan Cheer Dance Championship 2016" on November 19th,

so please stay tuned for upcoming videos and blogs of VENUS!


Also the movie, “Cheer and Dance” in which a few members of VENUS were modeled

will be released in March, 2017. So this is another thing that we can be looking forward to.

Official Site for "Cheer and Dance"

*Available only in Japanese