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TOEI Kyoto Studio Park|Experience Samurai Movies in Kyoto

I went to the TOEI Kyoto Studio Park in my company trip at the end of last month. We can choose one among four courses “Lake Biwa and Kyoto|Odaiba|Lake Kawaguchi and Isawa hot springs|Kyoto Studio Park” and I chose the Kyoto Studio Park as I haven’t been there for a long time. This year, each company trip has “Team-building” concept and we tried “Finding buried gold program” by groups.
(*This program is only for group tour and you need a reservation.)


And, the program was pretty difficult. If you join the program from now, I strongly suggest that you research beforehand and be flexible in your thinking :) (H.S)


We arrived at the Kyoto Studio Park. In the parking area, there were so many tour buses.


The park was full of elementary students on school excursions.
There were a lot of foreign tourists as well.


It feels as if time has slipped to back to the Edo Period.


This is a scenery of period dramas!


You can meet Ninja there.


It is in the final stage of finding gold. They are working on the last puzzle.


We arrived a restaurant for lunch. It is ”Rokusei"where is next to Heian Shrine
and can be used for wedding receptions.


Their specialty is wooden pail lunch box. The wooden pail box is made by Kiyotsugu
Nakgawa, who is a human national treasure. The box is a fine craftwork which is
lacquered on the inside. Kyoto cuisine served in it compactly and beautifully is wonderful.
They served sashimi and matsutake mushroom steamed dish in an earthware teapot
besides this.
Nakagawa's son's studio : Nakagawa Mokkougei Hirakoubou