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Special Exhibition “The Budda statues of Fukui Prefecture”


Arts and crafts

The exhibition has been held in Fukui City History Museum since last month.
I saw it once personally and twice for coverage.
There are a total of 34 statues and all of them are specially displayed from temples
in northern region of Fukui Prefecture.
I was impressed that there were such many historical Buddha statues remain here in Fukui.


“Kokuzo Bosatsu” The oldest extant wooden Buddha statue in Fukui,
which was made in Heian Period.(in the 9th century) owned by Jingudo Temple, Echizen City.


“Seishi Bosatsu” owned by Seishido Temple, Sabae City. A memorable statue in Kamakura Period(in the 13th century), which has eyes made of crystal inserted at the restoration.
So its face looks painfully for some reason but if you look it from diagonally behind,
you can see its original face’s beauty.


“Shokannon” in Heian Period(the 11th century) owned by Saikoji Temple, Sakai City.
Althouth it might be hard to see in the photo, it puts its right foot forward a bit.
Because it is said that Kannon is the Buddha who rescues people from pain all over the place,
and the right foot seems to move, which expresses that it is going to help you now.


As I looked the Buddha statues several times, I became feel closer to them.
I not only felt comforted, but also I felt peaceful as if I was wrapped up in selfless love.


Whether you are in interested in Buddha statues or not, why don’t you visit this exhibition?
It will run until November 23rd. (H.S)


*I took the photos with special permission.