Spreading the charms of Japan to the world from Fukui



Whole pear tart from a cake shop in Fukui City, "FUJIMIDO"




There is a cake shop, “FUJIMIDO” near our office. When I stopped by there, a big whole tart caught my attention and I had it with a cup of coffee. The name of the tart is “whole pear tart” as it looks. It is made with a big pear which is placed on a small tart. The pear was cored, there’s cream stuffed inside, the flower stalk is made with chocolate and the tiny leaf is made with a mint leaf.


In the showcase, next to the whole pear tarts, there were tarts which are filled with many muscat grapes. When I went into the shop a while ago, there were cakes made with peaches and figs. I feel the change of seasons from these fruits and I wonder what fruits will be served in winter.


"FUJIMIDO" is not only a good cake shop for their delicious cakes, it is also a convenient shop because they are open until eleven at night.