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VENUS / JETS -Amazing Cheer Squad- Part-2


JETS and Grace JETS

On September 22nd of this year, All Japan Cheer Dance Championship 2016

for Kansai region was held at Edion Arena Osaka in Osaka.


The cheering squad in Fukui, "VENUS" which we have been interviewing

since last year participated in the championship and won the Cheer Dance Open Part.

They will be going to the finals on November 19th and 20th of this year.

Of course, the active cheering squad of Fukui Commercial High School, "JETS"

won the two parts in the championship as well.

They won the Pom High School-Large and Cheer Dance High School parts.

Therefore, both JETS and VENUS are proudly going to the finals this November.

An adult cheering squad, VENUS has been formed by alumnae of

Fukui Commercial High School JETS (high school cheering squad).

A few of the members of VENUS were the first members of JETS,

and they became models of a movie which will be released next year.

The name of the movie is “Cheer / Dance” and it is about how JETS became

such a strong team that they won the first prize for the fourth consecutive year

at NDA National Championship in the USA.

If you get a chance, please go see it!

I would like to share the video of

“neoliberate01”, “Jets OG Venus 2016 (Part 2) Cheer Dance”.

Here’s the performance of VENUS which was formed by alumnae of JETS

and became models of the movie, “Cheer / Dance” (will be released in March, 2017).


"Cheer / Dance" / Official Movie Site(Only Available in Japanese)