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VENUS / JETS -Amazing Japanese Cheering Squads - Part-1 -Film of JETS, “Cheer and Dance” will be released in March, 2017!!-


JETS and Grace JETS

The cheering squad of Fukui Commercial High School, "JETS" has been made into a movie

and the movie will be released in March, 2017.

The models of the movie are the first members of JETS.

A few of the first members formed an adult cheering squad, "VENUS" after they graduated from the high school. They perform and participate in cheering competition actively.


The ones who did not join VENUS, some of them became dancers.

I took one of their dance lessons just the other day.

The dance instructor had such a great energy and amazing skills

as same as performers of JETS and VENUS have.

I had such a great time and I was also impressed by the instructor's delightful personality.


I would like to share the movie trailer of “Cheer and Dance” by “TOHO MOVIE CHANNEL”, please enjoy it.
*Only available in Japanese.