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Egg Foo Young of “Fukui Gen”




The piture is Egg Foo Young of “Fukui Gen”, a Chinese restaurant located near the entrance of Katamachi area in downtown Fukui. It’s within 10 minutes walking distance of GEN's office.


I’m not sure if their Egg Foo Young is the real thing that people in China make but I often go there for my lunch. I like how they make it very simple and large at Fukui Gen.

This is 530yen. Plus a few hundred yen, I get a lunch combo which comes with a regular size of rice dish (or noodles), a small bowl of ramen noodle soup (or a small rice dish) for about 800 yen. I’ve had their lunch combo a few times before. It was very hard for me to eat all of it because their “small size” is as same as regular size at many other restaurants in Japan. Therefore, every time I go there now, I order anything a la carte but I still become full though.