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Recommendation of restaurant for lunch in Fukui “Koharu Biyori”



I wanted to eat out for long lunch last weekend, so I went to a restaurant “Koharu Biyori “ which has recently become popular. When I got there, it was a big restaurant than I thought, and I am happy to find their parking lot was not narrow.


When you walk the entrance approach of a restaurant which you go for the first time,
you feel excited, don’t you? I feel excitement while walking.


Inside, there are white walls and antique-looking tables and chairs.


The windowsills and curtains are also nice. I am sure that women like such an atmosphere.


Wakasa beef (Fukui’s local beef) fillet steak set lunch. The beef was tender and good.


Fillet pork cutlet curry rice set lunch. You can fill up.


Petite dessert which you can add to your order.
They have several regular dessert menus but it was good enough as the lunch was hearty.


As you can see in the photo above, actually the restaurant is just next to a graveyard.
Although I didn’t know, there was a rumor that shops located close to graveyards
would prosper. So possibly, also this restaurant is popular because of the graveyard :) (H.S)


Remarks : “Koharu Biyori” means like Indian summer