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Japanese Summer Festival Part-3

It's getting a little bit cooler in Fukui so it's more comfortable.

How was your summer this year?

Did you go to any summer festivals?


One of the highlights of Japanese summer is “Matsuri (festival)”.

Do you know the original purpose of Japanese festival?


Although there are many different kinds of purposes for each festival all over Japan,

the original purpose of festivals is to worship the higher being

and give thanks to the higher being that we can live peacefully.


Although I’m sure that we all enjoy watching fireworks displays

and traditional Japanese dance, eating delicious foods

from many different kinds of food stands and playing games,

I think we must not forget about the purpose of the festivals.


I would like to share a video of “Discover Kyoto”, “Gion Matsuri : Night Festival (Yoiyama)”

Please enjoy!