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Recommendation of Japanese restaurant in Fukui City “Taihei”



The “Taihei” is located on Hamamachi Street, where is a short walk from our headquarters. Hamamachi Street used to be a high-class Japanese restaurant district in Meiji Period,
so there are still several historic ones there.


Among them, “Taihei” is one which you can go to relatively casually.
When you want to eat delicious Japanese food and seasonal sashimi with friends,
you should choose “Taihei”. It’s a deal.


Everything is so delicious, and they have many kinds of sake so you may drink too much.
Inside the restaurant, it looks like Kyoto machiya (traditional town house) style
and there is a nice tiny garden, which fills with nostalgic and comfortable atmosphere.
Maybe that’s because “Taihei” is popular among women as well.


“Taihei” is a true choice that you would take friends from other prefectures or your clients to.
Chef’s choice dinner is 6,000 yen. (reservation required)
They also provide a lunch menu. (H.S)


Sashimi on a beautiful plate.


Iwagaki (oyster) is seasonal food in summer. You can hardly eat it at home.


Grated lotus dumpling with starchy sauce. It tastes good.


I enjoyed sake from Wakasa region, Fukui in a cool-looking glass.


Inside the restaurant. They have changed the sliding doors to reedy ones for summer properly.


3-14-11 Chuo Fukui City, Fukui Prefecture
TEL 0776-25-4686
Closed on Sundays