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Japanese Summer Festival Part-2

Have you ever heard anything about “Yosakoi”?

Have you ever watched “Yosakoi” dance before?

Do you know what “Yosakoi” is and when it was begun?


Simply ”Yosakoi” is a type of Japanese dance which people dance with “Naruko (clappers)”.


The name, “Yosakoi” came from an old Japanese way of saying “yosarikoi (come at night)".


”Yosakoi” was started in Kochi Prefecture in 1953.

Members of Kochi Chamber of Commerce and Industry became the act of taking the lead to come up with ideas for establishing a new festival which would be better than

“Awaodori dance” from Tokushima Prefecture.


Awaodori dancers perform without holding anything so people from Kochi Prefecture thought that in order to make something better than Awaodori dance, they should have something while performing to distinguish Kochi’s from Awaodori in Tokushima.

Finally, people from Kochi decided to have “Naruko (clappers)” for the new dance.

This was the start of “Yosakoi” dance.


Let’s watch the video of "Yosakoi" style dance in Fukui.

This is a video which I took in Fukui Phoenix Festival.

Please enjoy!