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The Season of Autumn Mountain is Coming Soon



It has still been very hot in Fukui and I am sick of the heat now. The good news is that the season of autumn mountain is coming soon which means that it will be cooler soon.


Last October, I went on hiking to Mt. Akausagi, where is located between Fukui and Ishikawa Prefectures. The autumn leaves I saw on the mountain were amazing. Right before the season of autumn mountain, I decided to divide a video I took at the mountain into three clips.

This is a breakaway broadcasting without description and it is pretty long but please enjoy watching the autumn leaves as if you are actually walking on the mountain. First of the three is one third of the video of that hiking day. Although many of the members of a hiking group whom I went on with were in their 70’s, I was amazed by how good walkers they were.



Amazing autumn leaves


We took a picture on the top of the mountain.