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Fireworks / The Highlights of the Japanese Summer part-4 / Shout!!



One of the highlights of the Japanese summer is fireworks.


Have you ever seen Japanese fireworks displays?


Have you ever heard people shouting “Tamaya” and/or “Kagiya” to the fireworks?


Do you know what “Tamaya” and “Kagiya” are?


Tamaya and Kagiya are the family names of two of Japan’s most famous and historical pyrotechnicians who played important role in the development of fireworks in Japan

during the Edo Period (1603-1867).


Tamaya was an apprentice to Kagiya at the beginning.

Tamaya branched off from the Kagiya and started competing with Kagiya.

They both were great so that viewers shouted their names to praise them.


However, Tamaya accidently caused a firework fire in 1843 which destroyed a good deal of the city. The fire was considered as a serious crime in the Edo Period.


As a result of the fire,

Tamaya was kicked out of the city and had to discontinue their business.

After that, their business was no longer continued by Tamaya,

it has been continued from several people outside of their family.

Nowadays, Mr. Nakajima from Yachiyo City in Chiba Prefecture runs Tamaya.

(it is now called “Ganso Tamaya”. *available only in Japanese)



The original Kagiya company continues to this day

(it is now called SOHKE HANABI "KAGIYA" Co., Ltd *available only in Japanese),

with the 15th generation head continuing to preserve the tradition.


Akiko Amano is the 15th-generation director and she is the first female head of a pryotechnist family stretching back three and a half centuries. She is now in charge of 100 pyrotechnicians.


When you look at Japanese fireworks next time, how about shouting

“Kagiya” and/or “Tamaya”?


I would like to share a video of “sironekomilk”,

“HD 1080p fireworks Japan beautiful in the world/”

Please enjoy!


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