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Fireworks / The Highlights of the Japanese Summer part-3 / Pyrotechnicians



There are several amazing fireworks displays during the summer in Fukui,

one of the best ones is “Mikuni fireworks display”.


Have you ever thought about who makes the fireworks and/or who sets them off

for MIkuni Fireworks Display?


Pyrotechnicians of

Inakako Horiuchi Enka fireworks company (Horiuchi fireworks-Inakako Fireworks Company)

in Nagano Prefecture set off the fireworks at Mikuni beach every year.

Inakako Horiuchi Enka was founded in 1899 and they have won numerous awards

at fireworks competitions in Japan and overseas.

They are renowned fireworks company in the world.


Moreover, they set off the fireworks for Nagano Olympics in 1998.


They handcraft all of the fireworks for Mikuni fireworks display every year.

They even make original ones for the display.


30 of the pryotechnicians of Horiuchi fireworks-Inakako Fireworks Company

set off the fireworks at the beach risking their lives every year.


Behind the scene of the splendid fireworks,

pryotechnicians put so much time, effort and even risk their lives.


When you have a chance, how about enjoying the Mikuni fireworks display?


I would like to share a video of “plum1853”, “2014 Mikuni Fireworks Display”.

Please enjoy!


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