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Fireworks / The Highlights of the Japanese Summer



Fireworks displays is one of the highlights of the Japanese summer.


I would like to introduce one of the giant fireworks in Fukui, “Mikuni Fireworks”

which is conducted on the ocean and the 10,000 of fireworks exploding

light up the sky for about an hour splendidly.


The Mikuni fireworks for this is year will be held on August 11th at 19:30

at Mikuni Sunset Beach in Mikuni Town, Fukui Prefecture, Japan.


Water fireworks is renowned for the gorgeous splendor of Mikuni fireworks display

which are launched from off the shore of Mikuni beach.

The pryotechnician throws fireworks directly into the ocean.

There’s another highlight of the fireworks display, 2-shaku-dama

(round fireworks with a circumference of about 24-inch/60cm shells) fireworks

which create an illumination 17,716-inch / 450 meters in diameter on the ocean.

Launching many of 10-go-dama (11.8inch/30cm shells)

in a volley looks very powerful and splendid as well.


I would like to share a video of “FIREWORKSVIEWERS”,