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Introduction to Contemporary Art


Arts and crafts

「ハーイ、コンニチワ! ヤヨイちゃん」と「ハーイ、コンニチワ! ポチ」

These are sculptures,

“Hi, Konnichiwa (Hello)! Yayoi-chan” and “Hi, Konnichiwa (Hello)! Pochi”.

I visited a contemporary art exhibition of Yayoi Kusama

at Kanazu-Sosaku-no-Mori (Kanaz FOREST of CREATION) in Awara City, Fukui Prefecture. *Photography allowed for these sculptures


It was strange for me to see Kusama's works for the first time even though I’ve always known about her. I enjoyed the contemporary art.



ぐるっと展望!現代アート入門 -高橋コレクション―

This is the leaflet of the exhibition,

“The Introduction to Contemporary Art"