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Zip-Line / the Longest and Highest in Japan


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The other day, we visited “Tree Picnic Adventure Ikeda” in Ikeda-cho in Fukui Prefecture.


Today, I’d like to introduce “Mega Zip-line” which is the longest and highest in Japan (according to research by Ikeda-cho in April, 2016).


The participants start from the mountain ridge (elevation 60 meters which as high as 20 stories high) and glide across two valleys. It is 480 meters for the outward trip and 510 meters for the return trip. It must be thrilling for sure to go between and over mountains and valleys.


At “Tree Picnic Adventure Ikeda”, there are several other activities beside the “Mega Zip-line”. This is the first place in Japan that has several outdoor activities combined together.


Other activities are exciting and enjoyable as well.

There are “Discovery Course” which has 38 elements and participants walk high above the tree tops, “Tree Climb Course” which has 3 elements and participants climb trees,

"Picnic Course” which has 4 staying areas high above the ground and participants get to relax on a hundred years old tree, “Kids Course” which has 6 elements and children can enjoy walking on trees safely with assistance, “Adventure Boat” which is a river rafting course for beginners and there are also places where guests can sleep and/or enjoy having barbeque.


How about enjoying outdoor activities at “Tree Picnic Adventure Ikeda”?


“Tree Picnic Adventure Ikeda”

Address: Shizuhara 28-16, Ikeda-cho Imadate-gun, Fukui Prefecture 910-2523 Japan

Phone: 0778-44-7474


For more information: http://www.e-ikeda.jp/play/p004052.html


*If you would like to participate any of the activities, you need reservations.

Official website (Japanese available only)