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Hotaru / Fireflies / Arigato Project 2016



There are five activities during the Arigato Project (Arigato means thank you in Japanese).

The participants plant rice in May, observe fireflies in June,

harvest the rice in August, study about sake in February

and attend to the ceremony for receiving the completed sake in June.


I attended the obrserving the fireflies in Adoso area in Ono City, Fukui on June 11th, 2016.

There were many fireflies flying beautifully around the rice field with clean and pure water.


According to one of the staff, because of the strong wind on that day,

there were fewer fireflies this year than previous years.


Even the weather was not perfect for the observing the fireflies,

the lights of the fireflies looked as if stars were flying around.

In this area, the rice for “Sake of Arigato (Adoso) 2016” is grown

and I cannot wait to see the sake will be completed and handed to the participants.


It is said that wherever the fireflies live, the environment of the area is clean

because they live in only the area with clean water and air.


I would like to share a video of “Plum 1853”.

*The video shows the fireflies in Maibara, Shiga Prefecture

because I could not take videos of the fireflies clearly in Adoso area in Ono.

Please enjoy!