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Walking in Pontocho Street, which has traces of geisha district in Kyoto City


Kyoto and Nara

The Pontocho Street is very close to Shijo-ohashi Bridge in Kyoto,
and the street is packed with lots of latticed restaurants.
As I walked along the street, it is so hard to decide to go into one.
Here not only many foreign tourists but also the local office workers are often seen,
so the crowds might be natural.
And, from early to late summer, I highly recommend dinner at a breeze-enjoying floor.
By the way, “Pontocho” sounds cute, doesn’t it?
Town name that starts with “Po” is very unusual in Japan.
I looked up the etymology of the word and found that “pont” meant “tip” in Portuguese.
The truth is unknown, but this theory seems most probable. (H.S)


Passing in front of Minamiza(Kabuki theater), crossing the Shijo-ohashi Bridge,
you come to Pontocho.


For some reason, it is fun to walk through a narrow alley.


Japanese-style vermillion umbrellas attracted my attention.


Window decoration with Ikebana(flower arrangement) at a restaurant.


Pontocho was once flourished as a geisha district. Even now there are some “teahouses” which refer to places where geisha entertain their guests.