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Evening stroll along Gion Shirakawa Street of Kyoto


Kyoto and Nara

There are many places where I like in Kyoto, and here is one of them.
The Gion Shirakawa Street has been often used for locations for TV dramas and travel
programs. In particular, its atmosphere from the evening to the night is wonderful,
and you can feel like “This is Kyoto!” there.
I stayed at a Japanese-style Inn along the Shirakawa River once before, from the room
on the second floor, I could see the stream through the weeping willows and an egret
stands gracefully, which I felt the elegance and the aesthetic value of Kyoto’s own.
Also, I thought that the view could even be called as if it was Venice ( I’ve never been
there though) in Japan. (H.S)


The shop also looks as a traditional Kyoto-style house


Dedicated fences around Tatsumi Daimyojin Shrine.There are many ones by Maiko (young geisha) and people related to show business.


Shimbashi Street right next to Shirakawa Street was selected as an important traditional building preservation area. And you may meet Maiko in the evening if you are lucky.