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Wilson cloud chamber


Random thoughts

“Wilson cloud chamber” which is the experiment device for observing radiation, I read about this in a book when I was a child and I can never forget it even though experimenting radiation has nothing to do with my life.


In a radio show, “Radio English Conversation”, which I have started listening to every morning since about a month ago, an expression “He is the right man for the job.” was introduced yesterday.


And as I was listening to an audio book “Reading Steve Jobs in English” on my lunch break, I heard a sentence “but gradually Jobs began to feel that Sculley was not the right man for the job”. I said to myself this must be it!


Although that sentence just happened to be introduced coincidentally on the audio book, I was able to catch it because I study English lesson every morning on the radio.


If we are not ready, we can’t get anything from what happens around us every day. I thought that I should never stop trying to improve my sensitivity.
As I think about something like this, I don’t know why but I think about “Wilson cloud chamber”.