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Japanese confidential agent for Okinawa’s reversion Kei Wakaizumi, who was born in Fukui Prefecture


Random thoughts

Many years ago, a university professor used to live near my house.
He was thin and usually clothed in a sweat suit so didn’t look like he was a professor
but looked quiet, calm and gentle.
My mother said, “He is a professor of Kyoto Sangyo University, who has a relationship
with some politicians and even U.S. Ambassador comes his house incognito. “


And time passed, I had totally forgotten him but one day, I was surprised to watch TV.
It showed a documentary title “Confidential agent for Okinawa’s reversion Kei Wakaizumi” !
Surprisingly, Prime Minister of the time, Eisaku Sato had dispatched Wakaizumi to the United States as a confidential agent of the negotiation.
I had no idea that he was such a great person!


While I will spare the details of the negotiation here, afterwards he suffered from remorse for people of Okinawa, had a disease and killed himself by swallowing potassium cyanide.


When I saw him sometimes, I was only excited that U.S. Ambassador visited near my house (At the time, I think it was Mansfield) but now I would like to know more about his footsteps.(H.S)


Kei Wakaizumi,
was born in 1930 in Fukui Prefecture, a scholar in international politics.
It is said that he played an important role in the negotiation for Okinawa’s reversion
as a confidential agent of Prime Minister Eisaku Sato.