Spreading the charms of Japan to the world from Fukui



Cafe that you can relax in Japanese rural scenery opened in Fukui City



A nice cafe “Kisaki CAFE” opened near a popular cosmos garden in the suburbs of Fukui City on 20th May.
This cafe is a sister shop of “Kidoriya” of Katamachi(restaurant and bar area in Fukui City),
which is popular for grilled Miyazaki local chicken.
So they provide “lunch menus” using their specialty Miyazaki local chicken.
Also, they serve cakes of “Sanshuen”, which is a cake shop of long standing in Fukui City,
so that also makes girls who love sweets happy.
How about spending some time at the cafe, feeling comforted in the countryside of Fukui
with the lush greenery?
They also have a terrace. (H.S)


Fukui’s rural scenery is beautiful, isn’t it? (From Kisaki CAFE's Facebook page)


Lunch using Miyazaki local chicken


Spaghetti with Miyazaki local chicken and cabbage


Inside the cafe. Looks nice for dinner as well.