Spreading the charms of Japan to the world from Fukui



I awoke to writers from Fukui Prefecture




I am sure that there are many writers who are from Fukui Prefecture

or writers associated with, including Natsu Miyashita

who recently received Japan Booksellers’ Award and became a topic of conversation in public,

but I have never read their books.


The other day, as I reprinted the video of PR for Fukui, “Visiting Takami Jun”

onto GEN website, I became interested in his books and read one.

It was very interesting. I was fascinated by the images of Asakusa district in Tokyo

in the book, Ikanaru Hoshi no Moto ni (“Under Whatever Star”) which has in common

with the adolescence trilogy by Makoto Shiina.



I just reprinted another video of PR for Fukui today,

“Following in the footsteps of Tsutomu Mizukami”.

And I read his mystery novel, “Temple of the Wild Geese”

which is based on the temple in which he spent his childhood was very interesting.

It was coincident for me to know about Takami and Mizukami who both are from Fukui Prefecture at the same time, even though I should have known about their books earlier, which made me want to read all of their books.