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Do you have anything that you feel passionate about enough that

you become overwhelmed when you talk about it?

I saw a participant who is very passionate about "Arigato Project"

(Arigato means thank you in Japanese).

During the workshop, one of the participants was getting overwhelmed

about how grateful she was to be a part of this project.

Everyone there had serious look from the beginning to the end.


There was another participant was saying passionately that

“there are not many of my friends who like sake. They have never tasted good and delicious sake so I want to change that. I personally think that the sake which is served for all you can drink at most of the restaurants are not that delicious ones and I do not want my friends to think that these are the good Japanese sake. I would like to let them know there are delicious sake that they can definitely enjoy.”

Young people can surely enjoy sake from Kokuryu brewery because their Sake has refreshing, pure, clear and mild taste which still has strong Sake taste but it’s not too heavy at all. It is actually lighter than many other sake, I think.
As one of Kokuryu staff mentioned (Sake of Fukui “Kokuryu” Part-4) that she hopes for the Sake of Kokuryu will be young ones’ first “good sake” in their lives, I am sure that it will be.

There is one Sake which can be recommended to anyone who are not used to having Japanese Sake and/or never had one. It is called “Kokuryu Gin No Tobira”.

According to Kokuryu pamphlet,

“literally The Doors of Gijo,” Gin no Tobira is a new-generation sake for everyone. Light, fruity and aromatic, in a convenient sighle-serving blue bottle as inviting as its name.”



Have you ever had Japanese Sake? If you don't like one, how about trying Gin no Tobira?


For more information about Kokuryu

Kokuryu Sake Brewing Corporation Official Site


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