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Sake of Fukui / Part-6 / Passion for Japanese sake at Kokuryu



I visited Kokuryu Sake Brewery, one of the greatest breweries in Japan, to participate in an activity of “Arigato Project” (Arigato means thank you in Japanese).


I got to know how passionate Kokuryu staff, brewers and participants are about sake
and the project.

Today, I would like to introduce some of the passion of them.

There is a staff member who handles putting labels on bottles. These labels are made of Japanese paper called Washi from Fukui. This process takes so much concentration that she remains silent to put the label on the proper place. Any misalignment is not acceptable at all.

She said that she wanted young people to know “good sake”.

Also, she said “The sake which people have for the first time in their lives is important

because it can influence their perspective and/or image of sake throughout their lives.

So I would especially like young people to have the good first experience

with their first sake and I want them to like it.

I want the young ones to have good sake.”

I was deeply touched by her passion and straightforward feelings toward Japanese sake

and young ones’ experience with sake.

I was also strongly impressed by Kokuryu brewery which has such a dedicated employee like her and I became much more honorable toward the brewery.



Another staff mentioned how he wanted more and more young people to know Japanese sake. Especially, through “Arigato Project”, he wants them to know sake and how it’s made, and give the sake that they make from scratch to the people whom they feel they want to thank to. He feels that some of young people feel uncomfortable, shy and or hesitated telling their family members, friends and/or anyone “Arigato” (thank you), so he strongly hopes that the participants will be able to show their appreciation to anyone that they want to thank to.


It was heartwarming to see his kindness that not only he wants sake to be known to people, he also wants the young ones to improve their relationships with their family members and/or friends as well.


Another impressive words were from Mr. Mizuno, the president of Kokuryu brewery.
He said “I would like more people from all over the world to come to Fukui, and experience the nature of Fukui and have great foods. I want our sake to be set next to them quietly and humbly.”

How humble he expresses about the sake.

I was deeply moved and very impressed by his words.

I also felt the passion and love toward sake and Fukui from his words.


I thought his words show how Japanese spirit is which is to be humble and peaceful

with “after you” attitude. I definitely affirmed the charms of Japanese spirit.


I said to myself, no wonder, Kokuryu brewery has been making “good sake” for over 200 years.


What is your “good sake”?

If you have a chance to have foods from Fukui, how about enjoying them with sake?



For more information about Kokuryu,

Kokuryu Sake Brewing Corporation Official Site


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