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Sake of Fukui / Part-5 / Arigato Project at Kokuryu / Brewery Tour



In our previous blog, I introduced about "Arigato Project".

We went on a brewery tour after learning about how sake is made including knowing the water, rice, terminologies and process of making sake, and the passion of pepole who make the sake.


Inside the brewery, everything is kept organized and cleaned. The whole building and some equipments that they use every day look very old which show the history of the brewery.



Most of the brewers are much younger than I expected them to be, they are in their twenties and/or thirties. It is because Kokuryu wants to train young ones for the future of making sake.


After the brewery tour, participants discussed how to promote Japanese sake to the younger generation. They seemed to have great ideas and opinions about it.


It was interesting for me to learn about sake and Kokuryu brewery, go on the brewery tour and discuss about how to promote sake to the young generation.

If you are 20 to 30 years old, how about participating in this project?



*The observe tour of the brewery is not available to the public,

they let us do it specially for this project.



For more information about Kokuryu,

Kokuryu Sake Brewing Corporation Official Site


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