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Sake of Fukui / Part-4 / Arigato Project at Kokuryu / Learning about Sake



As I introduced in our previous blog, Sake of Fukui / Part-3 / Arigato Project,

the participants take one year to make sake.

They learn about sake, importance of the relationship and connection with others, and know the charms of thier hometown, Fukui as well.


This project has been established since 2013.

There are 5 activities throughout the year. I participated in the 4th one in which

we studied about Kokuryu and how to make sake, observed the sake brewery

and discussed about how we can promote sake to the young generation.





After studying about the brewery and sake, we went on a brewery tour.

I will tell you about it in our next blog!



For more information about Kokuryu

Kokuryu Sake Brewing Corporation Official Site


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