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Sake of Fukui / Part-3 / Arigato Project at Kokuryu / Passing on Japanese Sake to the Next Generation



As I introduced in our previous blog that Kokuryu brewery is one of

the greatest sake breweries in Japan and there are many fans of the brewery.


Today, I would like to introduce “Arigato Project” (Arigato means thank you in Japanese).

*Registration of 2016 has been ended. Please apply next year if you would like to join it.


The project has been established since May of 2013

by authorized dealers of Kokuryu, “Yushi-no-kai” as main members

cooperated with Juridical Agricultural Union and Kokuryu brewery.

The activities of the project take place in Fukui Prefecture.


This is the project to pass on Japanese sake to the next generation.

In this project, young people who are age of 20 to 30, residents of Fukui Prefecture,

or employees or students in Fukui take one year to make their own sake.

They make the sake from rice planting and after one year,

they give the sake to the people whom they want to give thanks to.


By letting participants experience from the first step of making sake which is to plant rice,

the participants can actually feel and learn importance of the relationship and connection

with others, and know the charms of their hometown, Fukui as well.


A yearly schedule:

planting rice → firefly festival → rice harvesting → studying session of process of making sake → ceremony of receiving the completed “Sake of Arigato”.


As you can see, they don’t only focus on making sake, they also experience the charms of Fukui through participating in the firefly festival and planting and harvesting rice.


Participants take one year to make the sake, it makes the sake more special and meaningful. After receiving the completed sake, they give it to people whom they want to thank to.

Can you imagine how grateful the people who receive the sake from the participants are?



For more information about Kokuryu,

Kokuryu Sake Brewing Corporation Official Site


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