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Live performance of Okinawan violin by Atsuhiro Oshiro 

I saw the live performance by Atsuhiro Oshiro, who was born in Okinawa, at an Okinawan restaurant "Paikaji" in Fukui City. *Paikaji means a south wind in Okinawan language. Oshiro is a pioneering Viper (electric violin) player in Japan. It is said that there are only several Vipers in the country. He sometimes plays the Viper with using a loop machine. The Okinawan violin music that he created spending about twenty years has received a favorable reception at home and abroad.


The performance was held at an Okinawan restaurant, so he mainly played Okinawan traditional folk songs, but ethnic music such as Celtic music is also his repertory.


Speaking of Okinawan music, singing with sanshin is common, so his Viper sound was very new, smooth like silk, pleasant and I felt refreshed. His free talk was also nice, which you could tell about his gentle character. (H.S)


Oshiro wearing an Eisa (Okinawan dance) costume
You can see a loop machine at his feet.


There was a collaboration between Oshiro and Inami, who is a member of Paikaji Family (Okinawan traditional folk song group).


Non-alcoholic cocktail called "Chura-umi" (beautiful ocean) that I had at the restaurant


Medley of Okinawan traditional folk songs from the live performance by Atsuhiro Oshiro (3'56")

HY concert in Sabae City

The other day, I went to HY's concert held at Sabae City Cultural Center.


(The photo is from HY official web site)


HY is a band that was formed with classmates and friends from childhood in Uruma City, Okinawa Prefecture. The band name HY came from the first letters of their community "Higashi Yakena".


In the middle of their concert, they did a comedy sketch wearing a high school uniform. It was so funny and fun, also they acted very well.


The members of HY still live in Okinawa. They say that their music comes from the sound of the sea, the wind and the local life in Okinawa. They also do a voluntary beach cleanup activity there. Seeing their concert, I felt that the members get along so well and trust each other.


After the concert, they took a photo with the audience.
(The photo is from HY's official blog)


By the way, I happened to see a popular YouTuber Kazu in Fukui and talked to him.
He said, "My wife is a big fan of HY. I haven't been HY's concert for a while, so I am excited."
He was friendly as I see him on YouTube. (H.S)


HY PV "Place Back Home” (2'00")

Happiness Festival 2018

Hapiness Festival 2018 panphlet

Happiness Festival 2018 was held at Phoenix Plaza in Fukui City, Fukui Prefecture

on October 6th, 2018. Five groups participated in the event and the visitors enjoyed

their performances. It was held by Japan Rotary club.



Fukui Kids Chorus Family
Fukui Kids Chorus Fmily

First group, “Fukui Kids Chorus Family” sang songs which made everyone smile.
The members of this group are from 0-year-old to 30 years old. The group looked like

a big family. The older ones helped younger ones and the younger ones seemed to be comfortable being on the stage with them without crying or anything.



Golden Age

Golden Age

Second group, “Golden Age” is a singing group that its members are older than 60 years old.
This was such a large group that as they started singing, it looked and sounded very powerful.



Wada Hachiman-gu Fujin Taiko
Wada Hachiman-gu Fujin Taiko
Wada Hachiman-gu Fujin Taiko
Wada Hachiman-gu Fujin Taiko

Third one was “Wada Hachiman-gu Fujin Taiko”. 27 members are in the group and

the 10 of them performed that day. They appeared on the stage and stood confidently.

All of them had solemn look on their faces. Their powerful performance kept giving me

goose bumps.




Fourth one was Kimuyan who has appeared in some of our videos.

Everyone at the concert listened attentively to his amazing guitar works.

Every time I listen to Kimuyan playing the guitar, I always forget that

he can’t hear anything. That’s how he plays the guitar naturally and skillfully.



Dixie Happiness
Dixie Happiness
Dixie Happiness

The last group was “Dixie Happiness” which is a Dixieland jazz group.

The audiences enjoyed their uplifting music and some of them moved along with the music.



Music events are enjoyable for everyone from infants to elderly with any culture background, and with or without disabilities. If you have a chance to visit music events, enjoy it

with your friends and families, or make new friends at the events.



"SEGODON" and a singer, Anna Sato

I enjoy watching the NHK Historical Drama "SEGODON" every week. I feel the drama is close to me because the lord of Fukui domain, Shungaku Matsudaira and its feudal retainer, Sanai Hashimoto appeared in it. And another thing I like is its opening.


The images are very beautiful, and the music is excellent, too. Miss Harumi Fuuki is in charge of the music, who is thirty three years old. She is well known for the music of the NHK TV Drama "Massan". I like the music featuring Scotland's bagpipe and tin whistle. When I listen to the music, I recall the deep love of Massan and Ellie even now.


Anna Sato (From her Facebook page)


Anna Sato, who is from Amami-Ohima Island, sings the theme song of "SEGODON".
I think that her way of singing is Amami's traditional one, which is different from the way of Okinawan folk songs. It is an unforgettable singing voice. I would like to hear her singing live sometime. (H.S)


Anna Sato sings "SEGODON" live and Harumi Fuuki plays the piano.

The 29th Takefu International Music Festival


The annual Takefu International Music Festival was held this year, too. The festival was held from September 9th to 16th and it was the 29th to be held. During the festival, not just daily concerts but also workshops and classes by world-class musicians were held.


I went to its opening concert held at Echizen Cultural Center on September 9th, 2018.
The concert is sort of introducing musicians who play in the festival, so each of them played the piano, violin, cello, saxophone, flute, and sang one or two songs each.
It was a rich and diverse program.


The opening number was "Love's Greeting" by Elgar. Some of the other songs played were Brahms' "Hungarian Dances"and "Lullaby", "Liebesleid" by Kreisler. They played not only familiar songs but less familiar, more contemporary ones too, so it was really a varied concert.


Kansai Airport had been closed due to Typhoon No.21, so a few of musicians from abroad changed their flights and managed to arrive at the center just in time. They did not reveal a trace of such troubles, and I was able to sense their serious attitudes and concentration from the stage. (H.S)