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Special IC Card “Suica” commemorating the centennial of Tokyo Station’s opening


Random thoughts

Tokyo Station celebrated the centenary on December 20th, 2014.
And they sold its special “Suica” commemorating the centennial.
Originally, it was planned to be sold a total of 15,000 pieces.
BUT, on the day of the sale, Tokyo Station soon became so crowded and chaotic
so JR East had to suspend the sale.
And finally, they decided to sell it to all those who want to buy
through the Internet or mail.
Eventually, the sales reached five million pieces.
And then, finally in last December when the end of the year was approaching,
it also arrived at my house.
Anyway, indeed, the design is chic and nice, isn’t it?
It has a board art too with Tokyo Station’s timeline. (H.S)

Warm Winter / El Nino phenomenon / 2016


Random thoughts

Usually, many days are cloudy in Fukui's winter. Because of this, the blue sky which sometimes appears between the clouds lets us appreciate it even morel!

Did you know that in any years end with "6" (such as 1996, 2006, 2016, etc.),

it is likely to have cold winters?

This information is based on a probabilistic fact.


It is 2016 this year so we are more likely to have a cold one.


Since 1947 whenever years were ended with "6", there have been

5 extremely cold winters,

2 usual cold ones and

no warm ones.


Although it has just snowed in Tokyo area today,

compare to every winter, we may have felt and realized that

it has not snowed much and it has not been that cold so far.

It has been a warm winter.

This is an effect of El Nino phenomenon that this winter has not been that cold comparing to our usual winter.


Do you know what El Nino phenomenon is?

Roughly speaking, El Nino phenomenon causes an abnormal weather.

It is because of the effect of wind around the equator of the Pacific Ocean.

And this wind makes the temperature of the ocean around south America goes higher.

This higher temperatue makes the weather strange.


It occurs once in a few years and it goes on for about a half year or a year.


When El Nino phenomenon occurs, in Japan, it tends to prolong the rainy season,

it is likely to have a cool summer and it is warm in winter as you may be feeling it.

In Europe, it rains in summer and flood occurs.

In Africa, it does not rain much and it occurs a drought.


It is not proven 100% yet that the global warming has something to do with this phenomenon.


As a person originally from Fukui which usually snows so much in winter,

I always expect and become ready for a freezing winter.

So it is very strange to experience this warm winter.


How is the weather like in your cities?


Is it colder

or warmer?




Homemade birthday cake


Random thoughts

Close friends of mine had a little party to celebrate my birthday.
One of the friends made me a homemade birthday cake.
It was delicious!
She learns making sweets seriously and even does workshops
so the cake looks like it could be sold at a shop.
I think I was able to eat the whole because it was not too sweet :) (H.S)

New Japanese morning serial drama 


Random thoughts

The drama becomes popular because you can see a lot of pretty kimonos every morning.
Dressing is difficult but when you wear a kimono, it makes you think that you are glad
you were born in Japan. (H.S)

“TOUKENRANBU” (Sword’s wild dance)


Random thoughts

“Touken Ranbu” is a current popular online game.
This game triggered a sword girls boom in Japan.
It also made many museums start to hold Samurai Swords Exhibitions.
And its lots are now on sale at a convenience store chain.
You can get its game goods like the ones in the photo depending on the lot prize :) (H.S)