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Japanese confidential agent for Okinawa’s reversion Kei Wakaizumi, who was born in Fukui Prefecture


Random thoughts

Many years ago, a university professor used to live near my house.
He was thin and usually clothed in a sweat suit so didn’t look like he was a professor
but looked quiet, calm and gentle.
My mother said, “He is a professor of Kyoto Sangyo University, who has a relationship
with some politicians and even U.S. Ambassador comes his house incognito. “


And time passed, I had totally forgotten him but one day, I was surprised to watch TV.
It showed a documentary title “Confidential agent for Okinawa’s reversion Kei Wakaizumi” !
Surprisingly, Prime Minister of the time, Eisaku Sato had dispatched Wakaizumi to the United States as a confidential agent of the negotiation.
I had no idea that he was such a great person!


While I will spare the details of the negotiation here, afterwards he suffered from remorse for people of Okinawa, had a disease and killed himself by swallowing potassium cyanide.


When I saw him sometimes, I was only excited that U.S. Ambassador visited near my house (At the time, I think it was Mansfield) but now I would like to know more about his footsteps.(H.S)


Kei Wakaizumi,
was born in 1930 in Fukui Prefecture, a scholar in international politics.
It is said that he played an important role in the negotiation for Okinawa’s reversion
as a confidential agent of Prime Minister Eisaku Sato.


Japanese abacus may activate your right brain


Random thoughts

I heard that Japanese abacus activates your right brain.
Because moving the beads on an abacus to calculate can be space and figure recognition.


It is generally believed that your left brain produces logical thinking,
analyze letters and figures logically,
and your right brain recognizes external information and judgement instantly.
Also, it is said that imaged memories long stand.


By the way, in mercantile city Osaka, abacus is still popular as children’s after-school lessons,
and the most popular one is calligraphy, the second one is English and the third one is abacus.


The video below was released here on our site, which we interviewed the teacher of
a Japanese abacus school in Fukui Prefecture.
It seems that practicing abacus makes students get better grades other than math,
which means not only concentration but also maybe because of development of right brain. (H.S)


Experience in Japan : Hand-copying of a sutra


Random thoughts

Recently, hand-copying of a sutra has become increasingly popular in Japan.
Japanese people have fewer opportunities to write kanji due to conversion system
of computers and mobiles.
At the same time, such abundant information makes us difficult to look within ourselves.


In such a situation, if you are tired in your heart, you might try hand-copying of a sutra.
To concentrate solely on copying sutra each character in a quiet place like a temple,
which can make your state of mind free from delusion and calm.



In Tokyo and other places, “Temple Café” where you can experience easily copying a sutra
is popular among women.
It’s also nice that they serve green tea and delicious Japanese cake :) (H.S)

Japanese misspelling and misuse of words


Random thoughts


Even though professional writers write articles of newspapers, magazines and books, and also professional editors and/or proof readers check them, usually one or two wrong characters, misspelled words can be found. Most of the mistakes are typos though.


The other day, I just happened to find a mistake in a newspaper. It was written that “atmospheric pressure is thin”. The correct way of saying it is “atmospheric pressure is low”. It was a mistake of how to use a proper word. For this kind of mistake, if the person wrote this never realizes that it is wrong, she or he will keep making the same mistake. As a result, this kind of mistake might be more problematic than typos.


I better be careful when I write something.



My recent resolution : I will be able to speak fluent English!!


Random thoughts

This is the video of “International School – EN.College”

which was just opened this April in the central part of Fukui City.


Because I am not confident in speaking good English, not only at this filming,

but there are many times when I regretted about always relying on my co-workers

or people around me who speak English and I never spoke it myself.

But despite that, I sometimes felt a little lonely.


I would rather speak English myself than regretting about relying on others
and not speaking it.
So I am about to start working on my speaking in English.


As I imagine the children in the video above will soon be able to speak English with no doubts,
I imagine myself speaking broken English shamelessly.