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Informatory sign


Random thoughts


This is an informatory sign for the bathroom at Wakasa Mikata Jomon Museum in Wakasa, Fukui Prefecture. Aren’t the male and female signs which look like ancient Japanese clay figurine cute? Although I think that the most important role of the informatory sign is functionality, it becomes creative and enjoyable to look at with some ideas like this. (T.S)

Look down at the street when you walk down


Random thoughts

This is a picture of the manhole cover which has same tiles as the street has.


Each manhole cover has been made one by one by hand to match with the designs of the tiles on the street around the manhole cover.


I don’t know since when people started doing such a complicated thing but I think these tiles are not as slippery as metal ones. When it rains and/or snows, walking on the manhole covers with these tiles might not be slippery as walking on the ones with just an iron like most of them on streets in Japan.


Besides the functional parts of the manhole covers, the designs made by the tiles of the street and manhole cover look like an abstract art and it’s interesting to look at.


This is a simple one, but it’s done precisely.


When I walk down streets,

I actually see many sceneries which I want to cut out and place on the wall.



Street Signs in Foreign Languages


Random thoughts


Near Fukui station, there is a map which is written in English, Chinese and Korean.

I’ve always thought that there should’ve been more maps like this with names of places and many things in town written in foreign languages. So, I hope more maps like this will be placed not only in the center of the city and/or popular sightseeing areas, but also in many other local areas as well. Long ago, as a traveler, I’ve had experiences with getting lost in countries where barely had signs even in English.


iPad application for the communication between deaf and hearing persons


Random thoughts

I had an opportunity to talk to Masaaki Kimura, the miraculous guitarist of a band “Prospute”, which performed in Fukui yesterday.


Unfortunately, I don’t know how to use sign language, so Kimura introduced me the iPad application to communicate by writing with deaf persons which became useful for
Kimura and I.


As soon as Kimura showed me the application, I downloaded it and I found it very innovative.

In this application, as a user writes anything on one's screen, it also appears automatically on the other person’s screen at the same time. With one-touch operation, the users can easily erase and/or rewrite. Moreover, the colors are color-coded for the users to see which person is writing.



Wilson cloud chamber


Random thoughts

“Wilson cloud chamber” which is the experiment device for observing radiation, I read about this in a book when I was a child and I can never forget it even though experimenting radiation has nothing to do with my life.


In a radio show, “Radio English Conversation”, which I have started listening to every morning since about a month ago, an expression “He is the right man for the job.” was introduced yesterday.


And as I was listening to an audio book “Reading Steve Jobs in English” on my lunch break, I heard a sentence “but gradually Jobs began to feel that Sculley was not the right man for the job”. I said to myself this must be it!


Although that sentence just happened to be introduced coincidentally on the audio book, I was able to catch it because I study English lesson every morning on the radio.


If we are not ready, we can’t get anything from what happens around us every day. I thought that I should never stop trying to improve my sensitivity.
As I think about something like this, I don’t know why but I think about “Wilson cloud chamber”.