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The first half of this Golden Week holidays filled with drone work


Random thoughts

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Since I began using drone for shooting videos,
I became involved in various businesses related to drone.


And the first half of this (2018) Golden Week holidays was filled with drone work.


As an instructor of the drone school on April 29th,


on 30th, I worked as a staff member of the drone experiential session for parents and children which was held at a university,


and on May 1st and 2nd, I sprayed pesticide by an agricultural drone in wheat fields.


In those few days, I used various type of drones.
Medium sized one often used for aerial photography in the school,
tiny toy drone which is smaller than a palm in the experiential session,
and a large one bigger than your open both arms for agricultural chemical spraying.


Though there are various kinds of drones as above, actually the smaller is more difficult to control.
However, the small one is safe if it hits something or people and it rarely breaks even if it crashes.
Bigger one cannot do that, so I often practice with a toy drone even now.

Landscapes of the alleys


Random thoughts


When walking in the downtown I sometimes get attracted by the ordinary landscapes of the alleys.
There are various interesting things such as the unexpectedly exposed walls where the next house was demolished or the arrangement of outdoor units of the air conditioners mounted randomly on the back of the building.


As for this picture where you can see the hotel's emergency staircase,
I like the accent color of the central staircase that fits perfectly with a part of the wall seen on the left, and also the unity of the total color in the scenery.



Random thoughts

Osaka souvenir "Sontaku manju"

It seems there is no English word that can directly paraphrase the word "Sontaku (see that Kanji above)" which became completely famous in Japan recently.
When I translate it into English, it will become an idiom or a sentence, such as "care about others' feelings" or "see things from other people's points of view".
Will this become English as "Sontaku" in the near future?

Edible fractal “Romanesco”


Random thoughts

Probably more or less natural objects may contain fractal elements.
But still, it’s amazing that there was one with such a clear shape like CG.


This vegetable on the salad at my house is cauliflower-like one called romanesco.
I don’t think that it is available at super markets but seems like it is sold at
a local farmer’s market, so now it appears for our dinner sometimes.
At any rate, it has an interesting shape.



From wikipedia "romanesco" original photo

Perfect Fit like Cinderella's Foot


Random thoughts

My eyesight seems to be gradually worsening so I bought Wellington-style reading glasses called “Paperglass”.


These reading glasses were manufactured by Nishimura Precision Co. in Sabae City, Fukui Prefecture, which is famous for the manufacturing of eyeglasses. The product was one of the Good Design Best 100 in 2013. The reading glasses of “Paperglass” are measured 2 mm in thickness when folded. These are revolutionary eye glasses.


These are small and useful eyeglasses but it’s just too much work for me to take them out of the case and put them back every time I use.


To put them in and out of the case more smoothly, I realized that I can use my pencase, “King Jim Pensam Pen Case -Slim-“ in which these eyeglasses can fit perfectly.


This pencase has a flap with embedded magnet and it can simply be fixed to the inside pocket of a jacket.


It looks like this.

I think it is so-called “Cinderella fit” in Japan that the eyeglasses accidently fit perfectly in a pencase.