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Huge sculptures among the mountains


Random thoughts



It's a working stone crushing plant I saw recently in the mountain area of Ono City, Fukui Prefecture.
Of course, it's nice to see a landscape of beautiful modern factories, but I also feel charm in the atmosphere of such rugged structures of rusty iron materials, which are far from the word "precision" or "smart". They look like Tinguely's sculptures, but they are absolutely unknown.
I'm saying only about their appearances, though.

New and old


Random thoughts

Because the city of Fukui was destroyed thoroughly twice, with the bombing by the American air force in 1945 and the big earthquake three years later, there are few historic buildings left.


However, after 70 years from the disasters, I may sometimes find a scene that makes feeling of history.


When I see the landscape where new buildings recently made and those old buildings coexist, I think this is so good because I'm relieved to see it.



An old-fashioned but neat wooden house standing against a new building of various administrative agencies in the center of the city.



"Happiring" a complex that is a symbol of the redevelopment around the Fukui Station, and "Shin-sakae Terrace" at a corner of Shin-sakae shopping street.


There are stores such as an Indonesian restaurant, a cafe, a cheese specialty store, etc. surrounding a square made by laying a wood deck in the space which was once a parking lot.


It seems like the street corners of a foreign country somewhere and I like that appearance of the stores reusing old buildings pretty much.

"Untitled (Green and Gray)"


Random thoughts


Seeing a picture taken with a drone from about 100 meters above the scene of rice planting, I imagined such a modern art style title.


This is a rice field in Echizen city, Fukui Prefecture.
The rice planting machine works while shaking the shadow of Mt. Hino reflected on the water.


Even if it is not near mountains but close to the city area, I think that it is beautiful to see paddy fields that reflect the surrounding scenery in a quiet early morning. I do not want the fields to be landfilled and filled with tasteless solar panels.

Demonstration flight of fully automatic pesticide spraying drone


Random thoughts


The other day, after spraying pesticide with drone in Higashiomi City, Shiga Prefecture, I saw a demonstration flight of XAIRCRAFT drone for agricultural chemical spraying in the premises of the drone specialty shop "SORACUL".


It features a precise flight with its own measuring system and does not require human operation from take-off to landing. A strong wind was blowing on that day, but it was a stable flight that made me feel no wind at all.


Even they say it is fully automated, it is necessary to measure the form of the field to be sprayed beforehand with human power, but if you do not need human skills for the flight itself, it seems to be useful for increasing the efficiency of spraying work.


XAIRCRAFT P20 (Propellers removed)
It looks sophisticated that liquid tanks and batteries are cassette type.


Currently we use the Kubota MG-1K.

The first half of this Golden Week holidays filled with drone work


Random thoughts

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Since I began using drone for shooting videos,
I became involved in various businesses related to drone.


And the first half of this (2018) Golden Week holidays was filled with drone work.


As an instructor of the drone school on April 29th,


on 30th, I worked as a staff member of the drone experiential session for parents and children which was held at a university,


and on May 1st and 2nd, I sprayed pesticide by an agricultural drone in wheat fields.


In those few days, I used various type of drones.
Medium sized one often used for aerial photography in the school,
tiny toy drone which is smaller than a palm in the experiential session,
and a large one bigger than your open both arms for agricultural chemical spraying.


Though there are various kinds of drones as above, actually the smaller is more difficult to control.
However, the small one is safe if it hits something or people and it rarely breaks even if it crashes.
Bigger one cannot do that, so I often practice with a toy drone even now.